Fox's Ralph Peters Endorses Closing Borders To Muslim Refugees

Peters: “There Are Real Refugees Among The People Fleeing Syria, And They're Christians”

From the November 16 edition of Fox Business' Varney & Co.:

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STUART VARNEY (HOST): Well, that was President Obama on Thursday. Of course, on Friday, ISIS struck Paris. Joining us now, Colonel Ralph Peters. Welcome to the program. Neither Europe nor America, it seems, can police the domestic Muslim population effectively. Would that be accurate?

RALPH PETERS: Actually, I don't think it's accurate. The Europeans can't. I think we do an amazingly good job because we have a different profile, a different set, different complex of Muslim immigrants here. We have real trouble with some groups like the Somalis, but come on, Iranians who fled the shah, or fled the fall of the shah, they're incredibly productive Americans. So you've got to differentiate between different groups, but what troubles me--

VARNEY: But we can't Ralph, we can't. I mean, the topic this morning on many people's minds is whether or not we should allow 10,000 Syrian refugees into this country before the end of the year, and another 100,000 next year. We can't -- we don't know who they are. Should we let them in?

PETERS: Yeah but that's -- again, we need a little more granularity. There are real refugees among the people fleeing Syria, and they're Christians. You want to avoid importing Islamist terrorists in our country? Don't let the Muslims in, let the Saudis take them. But I see a good argument for giving refuge to the Christians fleeing the Middle East, because we have stood by and done nothing while 2,000 years of Christian civilization has been systematically and gruesomely destroyed. But Stuart, if I can just go back to Obama's ridiculous remark that Islamic State had been contained. You know, he just won't deal with reality. It took Starbucks more than 20 years to reach five continents. It took Islamic State two years. His doctrine of strategic patience basically amounts to do nothing and hope the cancer tumors get better on their own. They don't. And because he has done nothing, he hasn't led, we have a situation where Islamic State now not only has its caliphate, it's real on the ground, they have a deep bench of middle managers who can replace the leaders we kill, they have a deep, a vast cadre of veteran, veteran jihadis now, they've got international reach, they've got infrastructure in Europe. Man, if you are unwilling to jump on the problems at the beginning and exterminate these guys, yeah, tough word, exterminate, you lose.


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