Fox's Napolitano Accuses Hillary Clinton Of Espionage

Andrew Napolitano, Stuart Varney Surprised Clinton's Server “Was, In Fact, Connected To The Internet”

From the October 13 edition of Fox Business' Varney & Co.:

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ANDREW NAPOLITANO: Look, we know a couple of things. We know that she emailed secured information, confidential secret-- top secret to her friend Sidney Blumenthal. We know that Mr. Blumenthal was hacked by Romanian intelligence agents. We know those Romanian intelligence agents were convicted, in a Romanian court, of hacking Mr. Blumenthal and that those agents are serving a jail time. We know that the Chinese attempted to hack her, the Russians attempted to hack her, and even our allies -- the Israeli Mossad -- attempted to hack her. We don't know if any of those have been successful.

STUART VARNEY (HOST): But, if it was a private server, connected like everybody else to the Internet, it was wide open.

NAPOLITANO: She failed to protect national security secrets [CROSSTALK]. You know what that's called? That's called espionage.

VARNEY: But why? What, what would that experience? [sic]

NAPOLITANO: I think you're going to find out soon, when another wave of bad news comes out about her. She was protecting her husband's financial dealings in the Clinton Foundation, and thereby seeking to enrich herself and her husband. And terrified that the public, the FBI, and the president would find out about this. And now we're all going to find out about it.

VARNEY: If that gets out then, forgive me the expression, but she's toast.


VARNEY: Can't get over that.


VARNEY: Cannot get over that.

NAPOLITANO: Absolutely. Whether she's indicted or not, if that comes out in a credible way, she'll be out of the political picture forever.

VARNEY: Good heavens.


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