Fox's Megyn Kelly Pushes False Claim That Hillary Clinton Intentionally Misled The Public On Benghazi

Kelly: “What Mrs. Clinton Said Publicly Was Very Different From What She Claimed Privately”

From the October 22 edition of Fox News' The Kelly File:

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MEGYN KELLY: The media investigated and the story began to fall apart. It was revealed that there were no protests in Benghazi that night and this was, indeed, a pre-planned terrorist attack. Mrs. Clinton's State Department was investigated repeatedly. And while it became clear that the video was not to blame, no smoking gun proving deceit was ever found. And then it emerged that Mrs. Clinton had been withholding evidence. In all of the investigations, she never turned over her own emails. Not from her time at State, not from her days dealing with Benghazi. The committee now investigating the Benghazi attack demanded those emails and her testimony. And today, for the first time, we heard Mrs. Clinton's truth, at least in the hours right after the attack, what she really believed as she told the public a video was to blame. And the truth is, that what Mrs. Clinton said publicly was very different from what she claimed privately. She knew that this attack had nothing to do with a video, nor with a protest. That it was a pre-planned terrorist attack and she said she knew it.


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