Fox's Megyn Kelly Has A Problem With This Young Black Protester Looking At A Cop

Kelly: “It's Not A Question Of What His Constitutional Rights Are, It's A Question Of What's Appropriate”

Fox News host Megyn Kelly denounced the scene of a young African American protester standing in front of a police officer during a peaceful protest in Chicago following the announcement that police officer Jason Van Dyke was charged with the first-degree murder of an African American teen.

Protests erupted in Chicago following the release of a video showing the shooting death of 17 year old Laquan McDonald. Fox News covered the peaceful protest noting the silent protest of one young black man looking at a police officer. Fox's Megyn Kelly interrupted her show to comment on the protester, arguing that the protestor was not “appropriate,” because the police officer “hasn't done anything wrong.” From the November 24 edition of Fox News' The Kelly File:

MEGYN KELLY (HOST): I just want to jump in as we're seeing an extraordinary moment. Look what's happening here.

BERNARD KERIK: Listen, you're going to have guys like this. You know they want to instigate, they want to create a --

RICHARD FOWLER: What is he instigating? Bernie, I'm sorry I've got to interrupt.

KELLY: But Richard look at him. This is a cop out there accused of doing nothing wrong, trying to keep the peace.

FOWLER: This guy is having a silent protest with this police officer. This is his first amendment right.

KELLY: He gets right in his face and stares him down? This cop hasn't done anything wrong.

FOWLER: That is his first amendment right, Megyn.

KELLY: To get in a cops face and stare him down?

FOWLER: And you out of all people, Megyn, believe in protecting -- this is his first amendment right. I don't understand.

KELLY: You think that's fine? You have no problem with this?

FOWLER: This is his first amendment right. This biggest problem here is --

KELLY: It's not a question of what his constitutional rights are. It's a question of what's appropriate.

FOWLER: And I see nothing wrong with this.