Fox's Megyn Kelly Bemoans The “Anti-Cop ... Thug Mentality” She Sees In “Black Communities”

Kelly: “There's Also Culture That Develops, Where It's ... Anti-Cop ... People Have Called It The 'Thug Mentality,' And That's A Controversial Term. But That It's Cool To Sort Of Hate The Cops”

From the September 4 edition of Fox News' The Kelly File:

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KELLY: You know, the experts say you need three things to stay out of poverty: You need to finish high school, you need to not have a child out of wedlock, and you need to get a job. Any job -- job at McDonald's, job, working in the sewers -- whatever it is, get a job. Is that understood? Is that valued in the black communities, in the inner cities, do you think?


KELLY: And there's also culture, there's also culture that develops, where it's anti -- it's them versus us, it's anti-cop. It's sort of -- people have called it the “thug mentality,” and that's a controversial term. But that it's cool to sort of hate the cops, and hang out - and be somebody who doesn't necessarily prize being there for your family, and so on. And how do you reverse that? 


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