Fox's Megyn Kelly: Accepting Transgender Children Causes “Confusion” For Other Students

From the November 9 edition of Fox News' The Kelly File:

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MEGYN KELLY:  Was there any consideration given to the confusion this was going to cause the rest of the children? 

MADELINE KIRKSEY:  Only by myself and the other staff that were in the kids' club. 

KELLY:  What did the other parents say? I'm sure there was some word of this, whether this kind of thing would get around. What was their feedback about whether they wanted their children to encounter this issue at age 6? 

KIRKSEY:  We had a parent that was openly upset and she did discuss it with the director. 

KELLY: And what was the response?

KIRSKEY: The director or the parent? 

KELLY: What did the director tell the parent her rights were with respect to her child? 

KIRSKEY: I'm not sure about the response because I wasn't at the location at the time. 

KELLY: Andy, with, you know, with all sympathy and empathy for that child and what she is going through, was there no consideration given to what this would put the other children through? They are nowhere near at point of being able to understand that gender has now become a fluid thing for some. 

ANDY TAYLOR: Well, what this school did was a total outrage, Megyn. You know, we're talking about a 6-year-old little girl. She had been there four month as a girl and all of a sudden from Friday to Monday it's no longer Sally. Now it's Johnny. That's going to put her in a situation where she's going to be ridiculed by her fellow students. And think about those students. They are going to be confused by what's happening. Learning about transgender for the first time in a school setting, and what my client was trying to do is to protect the dignity of all those children. 

KELLY: But what could be done? Her parents have a genuine held belief that she is actually a boy and should live her life as a boy, what could have been done to satisfy both sides, in your view? 

TAYLOR: Well, think about it. You know, I have young children and when -- when they are going to see a movie or have a book read in class, the school informs the parents in advance. They give us a written note and say do you agree with us or not and make accommodations? 

KELLY:  And that didn't happen here, we heard that.

TAYLOR:  Of course not. They totally blew it off. 


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