Fox's Kurtz: “A Bit Unfair” To Report On Domestic Violence Allegations Against Withdrawn Labor Secretary Because “It Was So Long Ago”

From the February 19 edition of Fox News' MediaBuzz

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HOWARD KURTZ (HOST): The labor nominee withdrew, Andy Puzder. There were a lot of allegations about his business practices, an undocumented nanny, but he withdrew the day after Politico posted a 1990 Oprah video involving his ex-wife Linda (sic) Fierstein saying this. 


KURTZ: Is that fair? 27 years ago, ugly divorce, she later retracted those words. Is it fair to throw that out?

ERIN MCPIKE: It had to do with him. It is not that he once worked for a law firm that, prior to him joining the law firm, that particular firm represented some company that did business in China and there were human rights abuses. When you cover politicians, and when you cover Senate campaigns, you will get all kinds of very random pieces of opposition research. This concerned him, and that's why it was fair game. And, here's a cliche for you, if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen, and that's what he did.

KURTZ: All right, I still think it was a bit unfair. It was so long ago, and in an ugly divorce.


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