Fox's Kelly Cites Dr. Tiller's Assassination While Claiming Women Will “Abuse” Late Term Abortions If Bill Passes

From the July 15 edition of Fox News' The Kelly File:

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MEGYN KELLY: The critics say, this is basically going to open the door on late term abortions, because the bill would allow late term abortions nationally, if necessary not just to save the mother's life, but to save the mother's health. 

PATRICIA IRELAND: Well, the Women's Health Protection Act would knock down state restrictions on abortion that don't apply to other medical procedures, and that don't promote women's health and safety. Women's health is important, and if in the good faith determination of a doctor, a woman's health is at risk, then she ought to be able to have an abortion.

KELLY: OK. The controversy there is that some women abused that when it was allowed and would get a doctor to say, yes, her health requires a late term abortion. And then this happened in the case of Dr. Tiller, who wound up murdered, that he was providing late term abortions based on health concerns, when you had a viable fetus, a baby, growing in the third trimester. And no one really wants to return to those days, Patricia, do they? 


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