Fox's Keith Ablow Uses 9/11 Anniversary To Launch Political Attack On Obama

Fox News psychiatrist Keith Ablow used the anniversary of the September 11 attacks to smear President Obama with the accusation that “he hates us,” but was elected because Americans suffered from Stockholm Syndrome.

In a discussion on Fox Business' Varney & Co. about the anniversary of the September 11 terror attack, host Stuart Varney asked Ablow whether America's psyche had changed in the twelve years after the attack. Ablow responded that America suffers from a “captive mentality” like Stockholm Syndrome. As evidence, Ablow pointed to the election of Obama, who he claimed “doesn't even like us, he hates us,” concluding that “when things get bad enough,” America “will elect a patriot” (emphasis added):

ABLOW: Yes, but I hope not irrevocably so.  Because I think what it set in motion is a kind of captive mentality. The same kind of thing that happens when a plane is hijacked and people aboard say “You know what? I am starting to think like the people who took this plane over. Why? Because they want to be safe and they want to endear themselves to their adversaries.  And I think that the whole Obama apology tour, the election of Barack Obama was a manifestation of us wanting to say, “Look, we are not that bad, don't hurt us. Here is this guy, how bad can we be? He doesn't  even like us, he hates us and we are electing him president.”

CHARLES PAYNE (Fox Business contributor):  When do we come out of this Stockholm Syndrome that you are talking about, when do we escape it? 

ABLOW: It's good to be with another psychiatrist. Stockholm Syndrome -- We escape it when things get bad enough from that failed psychological attempt. Right? what is it? It's a form of denial. Bad enough that, just like an alcoholic falling on the pavement, you say, “You know what, oh my God, this didn't work. Trying to dodge and weave around who we are and pretend we're other than that by electing someone friendly to adversaries is not working, hence we will elect a patriot, someone very high on the Constitution and someone who isn't afraid to use power when it's indicated.” And then we'll set things right.

Fox News has allowed Ablow to use his title as a psychiatrist to make inflammatory attacks against the LBGT community, the Obama administration, and anyone he disagrees with under the guise of psychiatry.