Fox's Keith Ablow: “Life Events” And Parents Cause Children To Have Gender Identity Issues 

Ablow: “It's Going To Be A Headline That I Said That Parents May Have Something To Do With Their Child's Gender Dysphoria”

From the April 28 edition of Fox Business Network's Making Money with Charles Payne:

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KEITH ABLOW: It's sad to think that a profession based on insight and freedom of thought would be under this kind of assault from the left, which would handcuff therapists and say, look, you take your marching orders -- not from the unconscious, not from your perception of what you can offer -- you must offer what the patient deems appropriate to go forward. This would mean that somebody coming in for a fifth abortion who said, “Listen I need to be made comfortable with it. I'm experiencing anxiety going into this fifth abortion.” Do you have to deliver that menu item? How about asking what about what's happening for you? Why is this repeatedly occurring? Do you have other thoughts? Have there been things that happened in your life that lead you to keep getting pregnant and aborting these children? That would all be outlawed by the left if they could. This bill is the right thing. Protect therapists. 

CHARLES PAYNE (HOST): Obviously, I could see it going to court further and further. What about the idea that your industry, your business, which is so unique in the sense that you have to often offer remedies that the person getting the remedy doesn't want or can't deal with, and imagine being hamstrung by that. That's amazing. 

ABLOW: Well in many states right now if you want to talk to people about their sexual orientation or to transgender folks and encourage them to wonder whether life events might have contributed to the very very different paths they're taking, you are prevented from doing that in many locales. That would seem to be very odd to me. Because yes, you want to go hear something different from a different therapist, just go get a different therapist. People are adults. They can go to somebody of a different perspective. But the idea you can shut someone down and say “You can't say that the parents may have anything to do with the fact that this child has issues with his or her gender.” I think that's blatantly absurd. And you know what's sad? It's going to be a headline that I said that parents may have something to do with their child's gender dysphoria. That's going to make headlines, Charles. That's how crazy things have gotten.


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