Fox's Katie Pavlich: “Police Aren't Shooting Innocent Black Men”

Pavlich: “And When They Do, They're Held Accountable For It”

From the August 29 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom

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KATIE PAVLICH: Martha, the number one [cause of] death among African-American men ages 18 to 30 is homicide. And they are being killed by other young black men. There were 22 people killed in Chicago last weekend alone. And yet you don't have Hillary Clinton talking about that. Donald Trump is trying to get to the heart of that issue. And as you've seen David do, he's trying to distract away from the fact that there's a very serious crime problem in the inner cities 

DAVID GOODFRIEND: I'm answering your question

PAVLICH: And by the way, it's not that -- police aren't shooting innocent black men. And when they do, they're held accountable for it. 

GOODFRIEND: What? Did you just say police are not shooting innocent black men?

PAVLICH: And this narrative --

GOODFRIEND: Did you just say that on national television?

PAVLICH: This narrative, this narrative that you continue to push, this hands up bogus -- hands up, don't shoot bogus narrative that came out of Ferguson, which was proven false by the Department of Justice. 

MARTHA MACCALLLUM (CO-HOST): Which was proven to never have happened by the Department of Justice by the way. 

GOODFRIEND: Wow, there it is. 

PAVLICH: You are pushing a narrative that is false and that doesn't do anything to solve crime in the inner cities and to prevent African-American men from being shot by each other.


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