Fox's Katie Pavlich: “Confronting My White Privilege Is Going To The Tanning Salon”

Pavlich: “Talking About This White Privilege Issue ...[Is] Quite Racist”

From the December 1 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor:

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BILL O'REILLY (HOST): But the University of Vermont, Katie, counts the white privilege three days. They didn't need one day, they needed three days to confront their white privilege background. 

KATIE PAVLICH: You know, Bill, to me, especially in the northeast confronting my white privilege is going to the tanning salon. Don't worry it's a spray tan so it's not going to give me cancer, hopefully. But look, you know, we're talking about this white privilege issue and, yes, it's funny and it's easy to laugh at. But I actually think it's quite racist and I think we have to talk about it in those terms.

O'REILLY: Why is it racist? Why is white privilege racist -- I mean the other side says if you're white you're racist just by the privilege you have.

PAVLICH: You're being prejudiced towards people based on the color of their skin. And I reject this idea that only white people can be racist when white students on these university campuses are are now being ostracized for the color of their skin. I mean, it's out of control. 


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