Fox's Juan Williams Pushes Back On False Claim That Planned Parenthood Is Profiting From Fetal Tissue Donations

Williams: “If They Did It For Profit, Let's Get a Charge ... But They Did Not Do That”

From the October 27 edition of Fox News' The Five:

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ERIC BOLLING: [T]here's moral outrage, but this is also illegal. What she's saying was she tried to remove the intact fetuses, the intact skulls. Why? Not for any medical purposes. Because they were more valuable to sell to the labs that wanted to use them for medical research. That's why they were doing it. It's a profit motive. And that, by definition, is what's against the law. So you can not have a moral problem with abortion or what they're doing, but you have to have a legal problem with what they're doing.

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE: Well, legal and ethical. I mean, you should examine the legality and the ethics of it, Juan.

JUAN WILLIAMS: Well, I think we have a set of laws put in place that allow for the use of fetal tissue research, put in place now decades ago. And you can't do it for profit. If they did it for profit --

BOLLING: But intact fetuses are more valuable, are more profitable than parts. [CROSSTALK]

WILLIAMS: No, let me finish... Well let me just say. No. If they did it for profit, let's get a charge. Let's indict somebody. But there is - [CROSSTALK]

BOLLING: But that is what the charge is.

WILLIAMS: They did not do that.


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