Fox's Jesse Watters: Obama Has Imported “Dangerous Things” Like “Ebola Into America”

From the November 17 edition of Fox News' The Five:

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ERIC BOLLING: Jesse, let's stay on the refugee debate that's been going on. So heated over the last couple of days. There are 50,000 homeless veterans in America. There are somewhere around six million unemployed veterans in America. Now the resettlement camp, the one down in New Orleans, just said they've lost track of some of the refugees that have come in. We're going to spend a lot of resources tracking these people.

JESSE WATTERS: Yeah, we're broke and what's the president want to take care of the Syrian refugees more than the people at the VA? It's ridiculous. You have the barbarians at the gate right now and the president is like 'yeah, yeah, come on in.' I mean, the point is that Obama has imported dangerous things into this country since he got there. He's imported socialism here, He's imported Ebola into America. He's imported illegal aliens. Remember he brought all of the Ebola victims into this country?


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