Fox's Jesse Watters compares Muslim immigrants to low-quality wine “from a risky region”

Watters: “Let’s not throw it in the mix and ruin the whole dish”

From the May 23 edition of Fox News' The Five:

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JESSE WATTERS: The most popular baby name in London right now is Mohammed. The Muslim population in the United Kingdom has increased about 1.5 million over the last fifteen years. This guy, a British citizen, but son of Libyan refugees. Now, if I was living in Libya under Gaddafi, I'd try to leave too. But you have to be smart and compassionate about your immigration policy. If America is a melting pot, we can try to control the ingredients that we bring in. We bring in some tomatoes, potatoes, some sage, and then you see some wine coming in, knocking on the pot and you're like, “well listen, it doesn't smell right. It's from a risky region. Maybe not a lot of rain that season. Let's not throw it in the mix and ruin the whole dish.” Ok?


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