Fox's Hume: To Obama, “Racism In America Has A White Face, Never A Black Face”

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BRIT HUME: I want to add my voice to those who thought the first part of the president's speech was just terrific. He was eloquent. He struck the right tone. His message was strong and clear. The tribute to the police officers seemed heartfelt and moving, and my thought was this is, this is Barack Obama at his best, at his most eloquent. This is him putting his oratorical skills, which can be considerable, to the best use. But I, like you, was struck by the turn that he made and especially by that last comment that he made that you showed on the air where he said that it would be easier for a teenager to get a Glock pistol than to get a gun or even a book. Now, that's nonsense. But it was in furtherance of the agenda that he was talking about, about spending in the inner cities, about gun control and all the rest of it. And I was frankly disappointed that he chose to go in that direction. The president has a problem in the sense that he, to him I think, racism in America has a white face, never a black face. That's why you heard him say in the aftermath of the hideous murders of the policemen in Dallas that we might never be able to untangle the motives of the shooter. The shooter's motives were perfectly clear. He said in his conversations with the police that he wanted to kill police, and he wanted to kill white people. I'm not saying the president would deny that that's what he said, but the president's reaction to it suggests that he glosses over these sorts of things the same way, Megyn, that when it comes to the hideous violence against blacks, black-on-black violence in cities like Chicago and Baltimore and others, the president has been virtually silent on that issue, though far more black lives are lost in that way than are ever lost to incidents involving police shootings. 


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