Fox's Host: GOP Should “Slow Walk” SCOTUS Nomination Unless Clinton Wins Election Then “Confirm Him Immediately”

Eric Bolling: “Slow Walk It Until You Find Out Who's Going To Be The Next President”

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ERIC BOLLING (CO-HOST): I think they need to just play this out completely. I agree with Kimberly as far as nominees go. He would be the most centrist that you could hope for but I think this is a little politics being played by President Obama knowing that the Senate Republicans won't do it, they've said they won't do it. So they put his most centrist possible pick up there so when they don't do it he can say, “see, the Republicans are playing politics.” Unfortunately, he is the pawn in this political game. So therefore, here's what I would do. I would slow walk it. I would give a hearing. I would say we're not ready yet, have another hearing. Slow walk it until you find out who's going to be the next president. If you're going to get Hillary Clinton - take him, confirm him immediately. And if you're not, slow walk it again and say listen, we'll let the people decide with the next president. 


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