Fox's Hemmer Suggests Benghazi Hearing “Might Be A Snooze-Fest”

John Bolton: “I Don't Think Anything Particularly Interesting Is Going To Happen” During The Hearing

From the October 20 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom:

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BILL HEMMER (HOST): You know, this is kind of sticky because you get five minutes for a Republican and five minutes for a Democrat. You get to direct and you get to redirect, and sometimes these guys, they're not real good at following a line of questioning in the first place. 

JOHN BOLTON: Well I would never say anything like that about a member of Congress, but the fact is that I don't think anything particularly interesting is going to happen on Thursday. I think, for the reasons you state and others, a congressional hearing is a very bad form to find out difficult facts. You can't pursue a line of questioning. The members themselves take too much time giving their opinion instead of going after the witness.

HEMMER: So you're suggesting there's no big moment?

BOLTON: I would be surprised. 

HEMMER: And in reality, it might be a snooze-fest? 

BOLTON: I think that's exactly right. 


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