Fox's Guilfoyle Unaware Of Co-Host Bolling's Anti-Muslim Bigotry

Fox News' The Five co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle revealed today that she has no knowledge of Fox News' history of anti-Muslim bigotry when she asked who at Fox is conflating Muslims with terrorists.

The exchange began when co-host Bob Beckel expressed concern that the language used by public figures is teaching people to “dislike Muslims.” He added: “Let's be honest with ourselves. If you talk about Muslims, we tend to lump them all together into jihadists and Islamists.” Guilfoyle disagreed, stating: “No, we do not. Who's doing that? ... Don't look around this table.”

But Guilfoyle should have looked “around this table,” because sitting across from her was Eric Bolling. Just a few weeks ago, objecting to plans for a Manhattan-area Islamic community center, Bolling said: “The people who flew planes into the building are going to be represented 500 feet away” at the Park51 building.

And Bolling is not the only Fox News employee who conflates Muslims with terrorists.