Fox's Guilfoyle Dismisses Portrayal Of Muslims As Terrorists In Pop Culture: “It Reflects Reality”

Guilfoyle: "The Way They Live And Breathe Is All The Ideology Of Radical Islamic Terrorism. They Want It, They Want To Own It, They Want To Be A Part Of It”

From the March 3 edition of Fox News' The Five:

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JUAN WILLIAMS (CO-HOST): It plays into the whole idea of American pop culture shows like 24, Homeland and how Muslims are portrayed. You never -- they're always connected to terror, so is that problem exist here?

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE (CO-HOST): It reflects reality. I mean, this is the problem. When they make all these excuses about climate change, about oh, if only there was the ISIS job fair they wouldn't do any of this, it's just completely ridiculous and I'm sick of it. I'm sick of people making excuses.

Oh if there's more guys on TV -- so, it's the fault now, everything, of America because we don't have them represented on television, depicted in a nice way, et cetera? But that's not the reality of the situation. Their whole mindset and the way they live and breathe is all the ideology of radical Islamic terrorism. They want it, they want to own it, they want to be a part of it and they will achieve their objectives by any means possible.

So, what they're doing actually is laughing when we're saying, oh perhaps if they had jobs or perhaps if they had -- I'm not saying that you don't have to have media out there to try to counteract their narrative, but do not make excuses and put the blame here, when it's right there, you have to identify the enemy.

WILLIAMS: Well, I don't think it's fair to say all Muslims are involved with terror.

GUILFOYLE: Did I even say that Juan?

WILLIAMS: Oh, I thought that's what you were suggesting?

GUILFOYLE: No, I did not say that.


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