Fox's The Five Hosts Embrace View That Government Assistance Is “A Way To Keep Minorities Enslaved”

From the August 20 edition of Fox News' The Five:

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MELISSA FRANCIS: I thought when Sheriff Clarke said that blacks are victims of the Democratic Party and what modern liberalism has done to the black family, that was a very strong statement. And it goes back to this theme that we've heard in this election that when you look at social welfare and handouts, you know, some look at it as a safety net. Others see it as a way to buy votes, and then there's another group that say that it's a way to keep minorities enslaved, by giving them free stuff and then stopping them from wanting to rise up. Ben Carson says that, Charles Payne on the Fox Business Network says that. What do you think about that?

JUAN WILLIAMS: Well I think that's what black conservatives say, and I think there's a lot of truth to it. This is the 50th year after the Moynihan Report, and I think if you look at the condition of the black family in terms of out of wedlock births, poverty rates, unemployment, you'd have to say something's wrong here and we need new answers. I don't think you can be without compassion, but I do think you've got to think about the fact that the old strategies have not played out, not been successful. 


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