Fox's Erick Erickson Likens Republicans To Female Genitalia

Erick EricksonFox News contributor Erick Erickson used the “female reproductive system” as a metaphor to chide Washington, D.C. Republicans over defunding Obamacare.

In a September 17 post at his RedState blog, Erickson wrote that he “cannot use the word” he wanted to use to describe Washington Republicans who are supposedly “surrender[ing]” on the issue of defunding Obamacare. Accompanied by a photo of Code Pink protesters dressed as female reproductive parts, Erickson likened the GOP to the word he apparently couldn't use:

More Americans oppose Obamacare now than at any time. As rhetoric on defunding Obamacare has gone up, so has Republican popularity and opposition to Obamacare. A full quarter of the American public wants Congress to actually blow up Obamacare. When is the last time a full quarter of the whole population wanted Congress to do any one thing?

More than half want Obamacare either destroyed or substantially changed.

But the GOP, its allies in the press and pundit core, and its very leadership are such [insert euphemism of choice related to the female reproductive system] that they'd rather plan their surrender before making their retreat. [emphasis added]

Erickson has a history of sexist comparisons, including referring to the first night of the Democratic National Convention in September 2012 as the "Vagina Monologues." Recently, he claimed that people who defend female breadwinners are “anti-science” because males are “typically...the dominant role,” and referred to Texas State Senator Wendy Davis as "Abortion Barbie."