Fox's Eric Bolling Defends Ben Carson's Objection To A Muslim Being President

Bolling: “Unless You're Willing To Denounce Sharia Law As The Governing Law Over Yourself, And Anyone You Oversee, I Wouldn't Vote For A Muslim Either”

From the September 21 edition of Fox News' The Five:

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ERIC BOLLING: Look, he stepped up and said exactly what he felt about not being able to advocate a Muslim as president, and I think there are a lot of people who are out there who heard that and said, you know what, I couldn't either. His mistake was that he quoted the Constitution, or Chuck Todd led him into the constitutionality of the idea. And -- he did, he blundered that, and he could fix that very easily, saying, I didn't really understand the question or the Article VI of the Constitution. That aside, he could still come back to the original part of his idea was that because -- in Islam, Sharia law supersedes governing law, and unless you're willing to denounce Sharia law as the governing law over yourself, and anyone you oversee, I wouldn't vote for a Muslim either. If there was a Muslim who said -- who I loved as a president, and he wasn't willing to denounce the fact that Sharia law supersedes the Constitution. You got to say the Constitution's over the Sharia law or I wouldn't vote for you.

GERALDO RIVERA: You wouldn't vote for a Muslim? Would you vote for a Jew?

BOLLING: You didn't hear what I said. If the Muslim was not willing to say that the Constitution supersedes Sharia law, then I couldn't vote for the man either. Or the woman.

RIVERA: Nor would I.


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