Fox's Chris Wallace: It's “insulting” to Brett Kavanaugh for Democrats to say there is evidence he may have lied to Congress

From Fox News' September 4 coverage of the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings: 

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MARTHA MACCULLUM (CO-HOST): As we get ready for this round two, I'm reminded, you brought up [Sen.] Dick Durbin, Chris. He actually asked Brett Kavanaugh, if you're a man of your word, will you please, when you have your moment to speak, suggest that we all just take a break so that we can read these 42,000 pages that just came in the other night before we continue? Any chance that you think we're going to see that happen?  

CHRIS WALLACE (FOX NEWS SUNDAY ANCHOR): I will make you a bet on this if you'd like to that it's not going to happen.

MACCULLUM: I think we'd be on the same side of that bet. 

WALLACE: I'd give you odds. I don't think that Brett Kavanaugh is going to, on his own, suspend these hearings. It has struck me that some of the talk by the Democrats -- yes you always will get whoever -- if it's a liberal nominee from the Republicans, if it's a conservative nominee from the Democrats, you get criticism of their records. It has struck me that an awful lot of this has been quite personal and almost insulting in terms of what they have said about Brett Kavanaugh. They say he lied to the committee during an earlier judicial confirmation hearing about whether or not he was involved in the Bush administration and discussions of terrorism, and on and on. There's been a kind of nasty tone. That's one thing I'm going to be looking for today to see whether that happens.


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