Fox's Charles Payne: Criticism Of Ben Carson's Gun Comments Is “A Version Of Modern Day Slavery”

Payne: “They See Someone Like That Thinking Independently ... What If Everybody Else Starts To Float Off The Plantation?”

From the October 9 edition of Fox News' Your World With Neil Cavuto:

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CHARLES PAYNE: Double standard. But I got to admit I was not surprised, particularly with GQ. But it is the kind of vulgar stuff that you get from progressives, from the left. But it's also the kind of anger, the kind of real animosity that you get from the left when you have a black person who goes against their wishes, who goes against their theme, who goes against their own orthodoxy, if you will. Every time that happens, it's not good enough to say, “Hey, this guy has a difference of opinion to me.” But you must crush that person and you must bring up the point that, “Hey, they're not thinking. Someone else is pulling their strings.” In this particular case of course, this is Ben Carson following Donald Trump. This isn't Ben Carson's opinion. It's Donald Trump's opinion. Because essentially what happens is from the Progressives' point of view, black people don't have their own mind. They either do what -- keep it real, which is a sort of basket that they try to keep most black people in, the same sort of group think, and the occasional one that gets out of it, man, they come at them with a mallet. 

NEIL CAVUTO: That would tell me that Carson must be a big worry to them.

PAYNE: Of course Carson is a big worry. Anyone that gets off of that sort of -- it's sort of, like almost a version of modern day slavery when everyone is forced to think the same, act the same, bludgeoned to death whenever they're not keeping it real. And, if we can see that, if other blacks can see someone like that, thinking independently. By the way, Ben Carson, pioneering surgeon, one of the most brilliant people on the planet right now, doesn't matter who you are, race, color, creed, any nation. He's just a brilliant, brilliant human being. They see someone like that thinking independently, “Wow, what if everybody else sees this guy? What if everybody else starts to maybe float off the plantation?” It's a big concern.


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