Fox's Cavuto Ridicules Concern That The Term “Illegal Alien” Is Dehumanizing To Immigrants

Neil Cavuto: “You Know What's Dehumanizing? All These People Being Here Illegally”

From the October 23 edition of Fox News' Your World with Neil Cavuto:

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NEIL CAVUTO: All right, if you're all in agreement now with me saying I don't like the word “fat” get rid of it -- because I'm very sensitive. Now, we have another thing with all these illegal aliens but there's a congressman out there, and he's a wonderful human being, but do not get me wrong, Joaquin Castro [from] the state of Texas, he's a rising star, wants to get rid of the whole “alien” thing, too. He wants to replace the name “alien” with “foreign national,” “illegal alien” with “undocumented foreign national.” He's even got a measure to make it happen. The “Correcting Hurtful and Alienating Names in Government Expression.” 


CAVUTO: Nomiki Konst is with us, and Nomiki supports this. So “alien” is offensive? Right? The fact we've had this going now for a few -- at least a couple of centuries, right?


CAVUTO: We got to stop.

KONST: We got to.


KONST: It offends, you know -- It's dehumanizing. 

CAVUTO: You know what's dehumanizing? 

KONST: What?

CAVUTO: All these people being here illegally.