Fox's Brit Hume: Obama Only Mentions Arrests Of “Well-Bred Black Children” To Paint Cops As Racists

Brit Hume: The President Believes Cops Are “Racist, And Not Just Racist But Trigger Happy”

From the July 18 edition of Fox News' Special Report

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BRET BAIER (HOST): Let's talk more about Clinton and President Obama's relationship to anti-police movements such as Black Lives Matter. Some people characterize them differently, senior political analyst Brit Hume joins us now with some thoughts. Good evening, Brit.

BRIT HUME: Hi, Bret. In her NAACP speech, as you heard, Hillary Clinton condemned the murder of those cops in Louisiana yesterday, much as President Obama had already done. A “terrible crime,” she said, “such killers much be held accountable.” What she did not say, nor would she, is that their killer appears to have been a cop-hating racist, who complained about, quote, “crackers,” and had spoken about the genetic superiority of black people to whites.

To Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, the tense relationship between black communities and the police officers who patrol them require as the president said that, quote, “police organizations and departments acknowledge they have a problem.” Is that problem the fact that the black crime rate in America is about triple the national average? Of course not.

Though the president does occasionally mention the disproportionately high arrest rates among African-Americans, he mentions that in support of his view of cops as racist, and not just racist but trigger happy. That's what he meant when he spoke of things ending, quote, “in tragedy” for well-bred black children who are, quote, “being stupid and not quite doing things the right way,” end quote. He of course was not talking about the nightly black-on-black gun carnage on the streets of Chicago and elsewhere. Mr. Obama almost never talks about that. Given his effectiveness in dealing with that problem, it's easy to see why.


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