Fox's Bolling Suggests Citizenship Applications Have Muslims Promise To Follow Constitution, Instead Of Sharia Law

Eric Bolling: Could Muslims “Check The Box On An Application For Citizenship, Or A Visa, Saying 'No, I Promise I Will Follow The Constitution, Not Sharia Law'?”

From the November 17 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor:

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ERIC BOLLING (GUEST HOST): In the unresolved problems segment of tonight, the threat of Islamic terrorism in America. The Trump team is reportedly considering a Muslim registry as part of its anti-terror plans.

The left is already furious, even though the specifics are still up in the air, but a registry may not actually be illegal or unconstitutional as some claim.

Joining us now from Washington to analyze, constitutional law expert at George Washington University professor Jonathan Turley. Professor, take us through, so there are different levels of registries, there are different ideas and different requirements to earn your -- a spot on that registry that may be constitutional, and unconstitutional. Tell us which are which.


BOLLING: Professor, what about law? I mean, a lot of people watching are wondering if a Muslim comes over here and vows to obey Sharia law versus the U.S. Constitution. Is there a way to have -- you know, have that to be some sort of check -- check the box on an application for citizenship, or a visa, saying “No, I promise I will follow the Constitution, not Sharia law?” Is that -- would that be unconstitutional?

JONATHAN TURLEY: Well, that's -- I think we would have to look at the specifics. There is lots of people of faith that follow their religious faith personally, but they have to acknowledge that they will comply with U.S. authority and law. There were Jewish courts, for example, in New York where people voluntarily followed Orthodox rules set by rabbis, but at the end of the day they had to accept it was United States law and state law that would govern their lives when it required them to do certain things.

And so, where you get into trouble with the free exercise is when you start to say that you cannot voluntarily follow your faith or dictates of your own religion.


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