Fox's Bolling: Rappers Should Be Happy White People Are Buying “The Black” Music And “Financing Their Lifestyles”

Eric Bolling: “The Reason Why Rappers Are ... Driving In Mercedes-Benz And Living In Neighborhoods Is Because They're Selling Their Music, Not Just To The Black Community, But To The White Community”

From the June 27 edition of Fox News' The Five:

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KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE (CO-HOST): I did not know that -- that actor, he's on Grey's Anatomy, and I didn't know he was so angry. He seems so upset, I don't know, I mean I feel like, yeah, there's things that go wrong, but also focus on the positive.

TUCKER CARLSON (GUEST HOST): So you were watching the BET Awards last night, what did you think?

ERIC BOLLING (GUEST HOST): I was watching the Olympic trials --


BOLLING:-- The US championships, I guess that's what it was, and people were qualifying for the Olympics. But I saw this this morning -- Justin Timberlake, you're right, is extremely talented.


BOLLING: But he's an idiot to agree with that commentary by Jesse Williams. Jesse Williams -- and where did that come from?

GUILFOYLE: That's what I'm saying. I don't understand why he is so upset?

BOLLING: The reason why rappers are living in -- you know, driving in Mercedes-Benz's and living in neighborhoods is because they're selling their music, not just to the black community, but to the white community. Every suburban white kid thinks he's the next rap star, thinks he's the next Jay Z --

GUILFOYLE: It's true.

BOLLING: Rapping all over the place, so --

JUAN WILLIAMS (CO-HOST): Much to my consternation.

GUILFOYLE: I was telling them, it's Jay Z, or it's Eminem, or it's Vanilla Ice!

BOLLING: -- So you should be happy that the white people are buying the black, the African-American or hip-hop music, because they're financing their lifestyles.


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