Fox's Bolling: Obama “Charge[d] Up” Black Lives Matter And Two Hours Later, “Five Cops Are Dead”

From the July 11 edition of Fox News' The Five:

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ERIC BOLLING (CO-HOST): Before [President Obama] knew any of the evidence, before he knew any of the circumstances regarding the two incidents you're talking about, Minnesota and Baton Rouge, he took to the podium and basically said, hey, this has to stop. He didn't know what had to stop yet. But he went ahead and did that. I'm not sure that didn't charge up the Black Lives Matter --


JUAN WILLIAMS (CO-HOST): That's not a responsible statement to make, he didn't know. What he knew was that there are people in our society, and this is what I think you're not picking up on, there are people in our society who feel they do not have equal treatment from the police. So you can say you're wrong, but you have to point it out to them. You have to make sure that the society is listening in response. 

BOLLING: All I was saying is, in my opinion, he should have waited to find out what the facts of the case were, and then if it were as it appears or as he thought it was, then go ahead, go hard. But my problem is the timing. Two hours after he goes to the podium, five cops are dead. 

WILLIAMS: Oh my gosh. Now that association is out of line. Come on, Eric, that's really too much.

BOLLING: Now I'm not blaming him for it. I'm blaming the shooter for it, but the shooter clearly said he used the Black Lives Matter protest to speed up whatever he was planning on doing. 

WILLIAMS: No, no, no, no, no. We don't know what -- first of all, what we know is that he had amassed a lot of ammunition and explosives. 

BOLLING: Right. He was going to do something, no doubt, no question.

WILLIAMS: And so you had these incidents take place in Louisiana and Minnesota, and then you have a peaceful march. Everybody says it was a peaceful march, and he takes advantage of that moment. Why do you want to blame Black Lives Matter? 


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