Fox's Bolling: African-American Voters Only Approve Of Obama “Because He's African-American”

Eric Bolling: “They're Approving Of Him Because He's African-American, Are They Not?”

From the February 19 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor:

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ERIC BOLLING (HOST): OK, now let's talk about how they both want to put themselves as the closest Obama surrogate. 

GERALDO RIVERA: No doubt about it. 

BOLLING: They both want to be the third term Obama. 

RIVERA: No doubt about it, I absolutely agree with you, even though Bernie Sanders is, and has been a professed independent and socialist for most of his life. In South Carolina, let me just go there first, 55 percent of the Democratic primary electorate is African-American. Among that group, 90 plus percent approve of the job President Obama has been doing, and the way he's handled his job. It behooves Hillary Clinton --

BOLLING: And why would that be, though? 

RIVERA: Well, we can debate that, I just want to give you the --

BOLLING: But it is interesting, to go in depth of why they approve of President Obama's job, because they're clearly not working as, at the rate they were prior to President Obama  


BOLLING: They're in a deeper poverty, Their incomes are lower. 

RIVERA: Let's put aside the objective facts, I'm just giving you the surveys. Having come now from five days in South Carolina, I report -- let me finish --

BOLLING: They're approving of him because he's African-American, are they not? 


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