Fox's Bill Hemmer Suggests Terror Victims “Pay The Price For The Lack Of Security” Fostered By Obama's Anti-ISIS Strategy

From the November 16 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom:

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BILL HEMMER (HOST): If you were waiting to hear a U.S. president say I feel your pain, or if you were waiting to hear a U.S. resident say it's them or us, that is not what you just heard. President Obama called the attacks here in Paris a setback at one point. He was asked, is it time for you to change your strategy? More or less, he said no. Have you underestimated the abilities of ISIS? More or less, he said no. Do you understand how to defeat ISIS? His response, this is a variation of the same question. President Obama has made it quite clear in that Q & A that lasted more than 45 minutes, that he has accepted there are evils in this world and evils in places like Paris, France, and this is something that we all must face today. It's a reality in which the world we live. If you're at home wondering with your own set of anger and your own set of fears about what could happen next, you were not alone because that's precisely what you feel here in Paris, France. And if you were waiting for clarification on your feelings through that Q & A, you weren't going to get it. The president's strategy, as stated over the weekend, continues as is. Bret Baier, host of Special Report, with me now. And Bret, you were listening. Your impressions from Turkey a moment ago.


HEMMER: If you have people willing to die, it's hard to stop them. That's what the president said. Talked about a handful of people carrying out these attacks. In this country alone, you have 1,000 men who have gone to Iraq or Syria to join the Islamic State. That's a lot more than a handful. And he talked repeatedly and with deference and with tenderness in his comment, Bret, about his trips to Walter Reed. And the U.S. military has paid one hell of a price for 14 years. And many of them for the rest of their lives. You used to work at the Pentagon. You know what the U.S. military would say when they heard something like that. Put us in the fight.

BRET BAIER: Yes, exactly.

HEMMER: We can do it.

BAIER: Listen, Bill --

HEMMER: Don't send a 20-year-old, a 20-year-old French woman or young man to a concert on a Friday night and expect them to pay the price for the lack of security. Men and women in the U.S. military are ready and willing to pick up this fight, and that, Bret, as you well, know is an extraordinary thing on behalf of our country.


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