Fox's Andrew Napolitano Repeats False Claims About Clinton Email Investigation Over A Month After They Were Debunked

Napolitano Says About 141 FBI Agents Involved, Fabricates “Public Corruption Investigation” Against Clinton Foundation

Fox News senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano echoed incorrect information about the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email server, citing a later-corrected Washington Post piece that originally stated that there were about 147 FBI agents involved in the investigation. The Post issued a correction, stating that there were actually fewer than 50 FBI agents involved, and NBC reported on March 30 that the number was closer to 12. In the same episode, Napolitano also pushed an already debunked claim that the Clinton Foundation is under investigation by the FBI, calling it a separate “public corruption investigation.” From the May 2 edition of Fox News’ America’s Newsroom:

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BILL HEMMER (HOST): Former President Bill Clinton on the stump over the weekend dismissing the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton’s server as a “game” created by her political enemies.


What's the effect of this?

ANDREW NAPOLITANO: Negative for Mrs. Clinton. This continues her -- out of the mouth of her husband, now, not her mouth -- mocking the seriousness of what the FBI is doing. Bill, there are two teams of FBI agents investigating her. When I say teams, I mean dozens and dozens of agents. I don't know the number. We saw a number, 141. I think that's probably the total of both teams. One team is investigating whether or not she used her power as secretary of state to confer American governmental benefits on foreigners in foreign countries that contributed materially to the Clinton Foundation. The other is investigating the emails. That is nearing an end. We know that because they have already called in her aides. The next and last step is for them to call in Mrs. Clinton herself if she is willing to --

HEMMER: Wow. OK, so there's three tracks here based on how you describe it. There will be an interview if she is called in; that has not happened yet. Then you've got the investigation of the server/email, right, which is drawing --

NAPOLITANO: To an end.

HEMMER: -- to a close.


HEMMER: And the Clinton Foundation. Goes where?

NAPOLITANO: That is not drawing to a close. That involves several hundred thousand pages of financial documents, which the FBI didn't begin examining until January. My guess is, we'll know where the justice department is going to go on the email investigation before the Democratic National Convention. We’ll know about the public corruption investigation after the Democratic National Convention.