Fox's Andrea Tantaros: “Taking Islamic Refugees Would Be Suicide”

From the September 8 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered:

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ANDREA TANTAROS: President Bush's intervention in Iraq sent the country into a Shia-Iran orbit, and then you had a Sunni revolt because of that. We've meddled in the Middle East for a long time. And now there's this Sunni-Shia civil war, which I'm sorry, in Syria we have no interest in. It is none of our business. Now you have Democratic presidential candidate Martin O'Malley saying that the United States should absorb 65,000 of these refuges? Okay, 65,000 liberal households, do you want to take them in? Taking Islamic refugees would be suicide. 


HARRIS FAULKNER: Suicide in which way? What do you mean?

TANTAROS: To absorb 65,000 or more Islamic refugees into the country? It's the exact reason that Bolton was warning about. 


LISA KENNEDY: You are saying the probability, the mathematical probability of ISIS terrorists disguising themselves as refugees.


TANTAROS: Number one, that's the biggest issue but number two we don't have the money. We are broke, we can barely take care of our own citizens to absorb them. But number one it's a national security issue. It would be suicide. 


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