Fox's Andrea Tantaros On Syrian Refugees: “Not All Immigrants Are Created Equal”

Tantaros: Syrian Refugees “Have Shown No Desire To Come To The United States” Or “Be U.S. Citizens And Follow Our Laws”

From the November 19 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered:

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ANDREA TANTAROS: Julie, not all immigrants are created equal. They have to have a desire to want to be here -- 


TANTAROS: -- To want to assimilate. How do you know they do?

ROGINSKY: They do, who says they haven't? Who says they haven't? Andrea, how did you know your family did? How did they know my family did? 

TANTAROS: Very different, very different mentality. 

ROGINSKY:  Why, because you're a Christian and they're Muslim? Why?

TANTAROS: Absolutely not. 

ROGINSKY: Well, what's the difference?

TANTAROS: You look at -- my father came here and wanted to be part of this fabric.

ROGINSKY: Who says they don't? Who says they didn't?

TANTAROS: He loved this country more than anybody, because look at the history, there are certain communities -- you said it yourself before the show, there's communities in France that don't assimilate. 

ROGINSKY: That's right. 

TANTAROS: And I know that first-hand because I lived there. You did not live there and spend time -- 

ROGINSKY: In France? Oh yes I did, my friend, many years. I certainly did.

TANTAROS: OK, well then, you tell me how it is? How well does that work out? 

ROGINSKY: Andrea, Andrea, how about this, how about the fact that I know a lot of Muslims who have assimilated, are productive members of society. My best friend is from -- her parents are from Egypt. They assimilated.

TANTAROS: It's not up for debate, Julie.

ROGINSKY: It is up for debate. Why would you say they don't want to assimilate? Why, because they're Muslim? What's the difference? 

TANTAROS: They have shown no desire to come to the United States of America. 

ROGINSKY: They haven't?

TANTAROS: We've shown the desire to bring them here!

ROGINSKY: They have shown no desire? These people are clamoring and dying to come to this country, you can't say they don't want to come to this country. They're dying to come to this country.

TANTAROS: To be U.S. citizens and follow our laws?

ROGINSKY: Why not? Who says they haven't?


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