Fox's Andrea Tantaros Suggests Carly Fiorina Is the “Opposite In Every Way Of Hillary Clinton” Because “She Doesn't Play The Victim”

From the September 17 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered:

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SANDRA SMITH: Alright, another candidate who stood out on that stage was Carly Fiorina, making her debut in the prime time lineup. Many analysts declaring her the winner, as I just mentioned, thanks to her detailed policy answers and a number of zingers. 


JULIE ROGINSKY: I love this woman. I obviously do not agree with her on much, but she is amazing, and what she said to Donald Trump was the only thing that got Donald Trump rattled. And then Trump, of course, tries to respond to her by basically telling her she is hot, underscoring exactly what every woman there did along with her when she did the eyeroll at him afterwards. 

SMITH: What it is about Carly, you just said, you don't agree with her on much but you love her. You can hear that sentiment echoed. I've heard that from quite a few people, Andrea. So what is it, is it that she thinks so specific? 

ANDREA TANTAROS: It's not only that. She doesn't play the victim. She's very, very smart smart. She's very tough. And I'm bothered by the fact that we hear this morning that she should have smiled more. I am reading that and I'm hearing that from mostly male commentators. You get that a lot. I was told early in my career, 'you should smile more on TV. You look very angry.' Okay, so I am going to be talking about ISIS and going, 'yes, as they're beheading children, haha.' She is talking about serious issues, Sandra. And I think there is such a contrast between her and Hillary Clinton. There is no way that that woman would bungle a server. There is no way that that woman standing on that stage would jeopardize our national security. There is no way that that woman would stand up and basically say, 'Oopsie, daisy, I don't know what classified info is.' She is the opposite in every way of Hillary Clinton and she made me proud last night not just to be a Republican but to be a woman. 


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