Fox's Allen West Hypes Hoax Of An ISIS Inspired Stabbing Of Teacher At French Preschool

NY Times Reported That The Story Was Fabricated

Fox News contributor Allen West hyped a debunked story of an ISIS-inspired “stabbing spree” at a preschool while criticizing President Obama for not changing his strategy against the terrorist organization. The New York Times reported that the teacher fabricated the story so he could be transferred to another school.

During the December 14 edition of Your World with Neil Cavuto, West spoke with host Cavuto about President Obama's December 14 visit to the Pentagon regarding the president's ISIS strategy. West criticized Obama's strategy and stoked fears about ISIS operating in Europe, claiming, “in the last 24 hours we found out about another ISIS-inspired jihadi who went on a stabbing spree”: 

ALLEN WEST (CONTRIBUTOR): So, when you're dealing with an enemy such as ISIS that is able to command and control operations into Paris and, yet again, in the last 24 hours we found out about another ISIS-inspired jihadi who went on a stabbing spree, and we know what has happened in San Bernardino, and there's the potential for more of those attacks to occur. So we need to get in there and root them out and 50 special forces operators that are going around searching for partners, as Jennifer Griffin said, what kind of mission is that and how are we put our special  operators in that type of position where they're going to go look for friends?

NEIL CAVUTO (HOST): Well you know what it loses sight of in the case of both the Paris and the California attacks aren't so much the source of the activity, what might have been in the Middle East, to the fact there are cells or friends or sympathizers already in key locales, including the United States, including San Bernardino, California, and that the one thing he did not address.

However, West's claim of a “stabbing spree” was confirmed to be false earlier that day. According to The New York Times, French police said the teacher that claimed to be stabbed by ISIS “wounded himself alone in his classroom” and was “done so that [the teacher] could have himself transferred” to another position.