Fox's Allen West: “The Black Community Was Stronger” And Had “Better Education Opportunities” During Segregation

West Claims African-Americans Are On An “Economic Plantation” Caused By Public Assistance

From the September 28 edition of Fox Business' Varney & Co.:

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ALLEN WEST: They are not discussing the real issues. What they continue to do, especially on the case of the Democrat[ic] Party -- the progressive socialist left -- is they obfuscate, they deny, they lie about the real issues. You know, we need to talk about the restoration of the family in the black community. When I was born in 1961, between 75 to 77 percent of the households had two parents. Today, it's at 24 percent, and you can trace that right back to a failed policy from Lyndon Johnson, where the government provided checks to women who had children out of wedlock as long as they did not have a man in the home.

STUART VARNEY (HOST): Allen, can I just jump in for a second here? What's your solution to that problem, children out of wedlock or without two parents at home? What's your solution; is it a withdrawal of the welfare state?

WEST: Well, yeah. I mean, Jason Riley wrote a great book, he is a Wall Street Journal editor, saying “please stop helping us.” You know, the black community was stronger it seems during the issues of segregation; when you had families that where intact, when you had communities that were standing up, when you had better education opportunities. I think that is another important thing.


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