Fox Versus Fox Latino On Hillary Clinton's Immigration Remarks

Fox News' varied online news platforms characterized Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's recent remarks on immigration with three very different headlines.

In May 5 remarks, Clinton called immigration “a family and economic issue” and expressed support for expanding protections “to help parents of immigrant children stay in the United States.”

Fox News Latino headlined a story about her remarks as, “Hillary Clinton makes deportation protection, path to citizenship central to campaign.”

This frame contrasted significantly with that of and Fox Nation. referred to “illegal immigrants” in a headline that read, “Clinton calls for path to 'full and equal citizenship' for illegal immigrants.”

Fox Nation, a site known for trading in racial dog whistles, chose the headline, “Hillary Clinton Vows to Expand Obama Amnesty to More Illegals.”

Fox News and Fox Latino have a history of portraying the same events through very different lenses.