On Fox, Ted Cruz Parrots Mark Levin's Attack On Marco Rubio

Cruz: “Mark Levin Wrote A Fantastic Column In Conservative Review” About Rubio's “Alinskyite Tactics Of Simply Lying'”

From the December 9 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom:

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BILL HEMMER (HOST): No critique on Trump? 

TED CRUZ (R-TX): I am grateful Donald Trump is running, and I'll tell you what, he has helped focus the discussion on securing the border. Border security is national security. I think that's been very beneficial for us. 

HEMMER: And on that topic, Marco Rubio is hitting you hard, national security, surveillance, immigration laws, the ethanol vote in Iowa and on and on. You're gonna see him in seven days in the next debate. How do you respond to him? 

CRUZ: Well, you know I'll tell you yesterday Mark Levin wrote a fantastic column in Conservative Review, talking about Marco Rubio's super PAC coming after me and spreading lies, being deceptive. And what Mark Levin said is that Rubio is engaging in Alinskyite tactics of simply lying. That's Mark Levin calling him out, and the reason is understandable. Listen, I like Marco Rubio. He is friend of mine. He is a good guy, but his campaign, you know The New York Times just reported the Rubio campaign is very nervous because conservatives are united behind our campaign. Polling came out this week, had us in first place in Iowa, that has the Rubio campaign very concerned. So what they're doing is number one, launching false attack ads, but number two, they want to change the subject. Because remember Marco Rubio joined with Chuck Schumer and Barack Obama in proposing a massive amnesty plan that included giving Barack Obama more authority to allow in Syrian refugees, with no background checks whatsoever. That is a real problem given the threat of ISIS, so of course they are going to try to attack with false attacks to change the topic. 

HEMMER: A preview of Las Vegas next week. Senator, thank you for your time. 


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