On Fox, Rudy Giuliani Claims That Muslims Actually “Like To Have Police” In Mosques

Giuliani: “No Legitimate Imam Really Cares If There Are Police. In Fact, They Invite It”

From the December 7 edition of Fox News' Your World with Neil Cavuto:

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NEIL CAVUTO (HOST): How do authorities seek it out?

RUDY GIULIANI: It's going to require infiltration of these groups. Finding them, infiltrating them--

CAVUTO: Social media?

GIULIANI: It's going to require tracking social media very very carefully and also it's going to require inserting undercover people. The idea, for example, of mayor de Blasio taking the police out of the mosques. Terrible idea. I mean, no priests, no minister, no legitimate Imam really cares if there are police. In fact, they invite it. They like have to police there, it makes everything a little more secure. 

CAVUTO: Well there is that.

GIULIANI: Once the police are in there, they're not in there as police. They get to know the people there maybe the Imam is perfectly normal and perfectly fine and perfectly legitimate, but some of the people there may be the ones that are plotting. And if you have infiltration, if you have human intelligence, that's a lot more valuable than electronic intelligence, particularly when you're buried in it. 


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