Fox Reporter's Racist Tweet: “Blacks Riot At Burger King”

In a March 24 tweet, Fox News Radio reporter and anchor Todd Starnes wrote, “Blacks riot at Burger King”:

Starnes links to a WJHG story about a cell phone camera capturing a brawl at a Panama City Beach Burger King. Unlike Starnes, the WJHG story does not mention or discuss the race of the participants.

After Starnes' tweet, Fox Nation posted the video under the headline, “Bikini Brawler Starts Riot at Burger King.” Starnes' profile identifies him as “a contributor on FOX & Friends, Hannity and FOX Nation.” Media Matters has documented that Fox Nation has frequently race-baited.

Starnes also has a history of bashing Muslims on his Twitter:

  • “Muslims storm hospital -- shoot Christian doctor point blank in head but it's a peaceful religion." (January 17)
  • “Muslims shout 'Allah Akbar' after savage attack on church -- but it's a peaceful religion, tweeps." (January 3)
  • “Another Muslim tries to blow us up -- I know, I know -- it's entirely coincidental...” (November 27)
  • “So now that the 50-member Florida church won't burn the Koran, does that mean Muslims will stop blowing stuff up?” (September 11)
  • “POTUS pleads for religious tolerance -- how about someone plead for Muslims to stop trying to blow us up?” (September 11)
  • “Remebering [sic] those who died at the hands of those who profess allegiance to a 'peaceful' religion.” (September 10).

Update (4:25pm E.T.): Starnes has now restricted public access to his Twitter feed:

Update (3/28): Starnes has now made his account public, but deleted the tweet in question.