Fox Regular Sheriff David Clarke: Hillary Clinton “Is Willing To Prostitute Herself To Secure The Black Vote”

From the October 12 edition of Fox News' The Kelly File:

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SHANNON BREAM: Despite these reports, Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton is being an expert on this. Now today sending out a message of support to Tamir Rice's loved ones, saying, 'Too many black families are mourning the loss of a child.' Last week Clinton met with some Black Lives Matter activists. On Friday, she sent out a message saying this, quote, 'Racism is America's original sin.' And our good friend Mr. Greg Gutfeld over at The Five is now suggesting that positions like Mrs. Clinton's are only making things worse. 


BREAM: Sheriff, we have two, now, outside investigations, one by a former FBI agent, I believe, another by a prosecutor saying that the officer, you know, lamenting the death of a 12-year-old but saying the officers acted in a reasonable manner. You gotta make split-second decisions. But still there are those who are casting doubt on the case. Sheriff?

DAVID CLARKE: Well, first of all, Mrs. Bill Clinton is showing that she is willing to prostitute herself to secure the black vote. Look, she knows that's her ace in the hole when it comes to Bernie Sanders, especially when they get into the primaries in the southern states. She knows better than that. That sort of pandering is unbecoming of someone who wants to become the next president of the United States. She's well aware, as an attorney, of the objective reasonableness standard in Graham v. Connor, that officers have to make split second decisions on how much force and when to use force, and you can't use 20/20 hindsight. She knows that, that it's the reasonable officer standard. Once you strip away the emotion, the hyperbole, and the rhetoric involved in this tragic case, all that's left are the facts and circumstances. And it's the rule of law standard that has to prevail.


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