Fox Panel Shocked SC Debate Sponsored By Congressional Black Caucus Spotlighted Racial Justice

Alveda King: Democrats Are Assuming “That The African-American Vote Has Been Bought”

From the January 17 edition of Fox News' America's Election HQ:

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ALVEDA KING: They were playing straight to the African-American and minority base, and that was very obvious to me because in either party, each party needs a certain amount of the African-American vote. George W. Bush showed that, when he brought up the African-American community to 13 percent, it really helped him. But that actually bothers me. Especially on points with Black Lives Matter, gun control, and those issues.


KING: It's very obvious to me that, as a base, they are pretty much assuming that the African-American vote has been bought, and that's very disturbing to me.


KIRSTEN POWERS: To go back to the Black Lives Matter issue. I think, to watch Hillary Clinton tonight, was to watch her just really overtly appeal to African-American voters. It's very very clear that she, well, she can't win the election without them. And she knows that. And Bernie Sanders has much more of an appeal to white voters. He doesn't do as well with black voters, at least at this point. So, it's interesting in her closing statement she talked about Flint, Michigan, what's happening there. But she also pointed out this is, basically, this is happening because they're not white. You know, doing a very overt appeal in that way, and talking about Black Lives Matter had the line that it's a reality that black lives matter, actually, less. So I think it's clear that this is something she's taking very seriously.


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