Fox Panel Attacks Loretta Lynch, Obama, And Clinton For Legitimizing “Violent” Black Lives Matter Movement

David Webb: “All These Major Candidates Have Been In Bed With A Violent Basis”

From the July 8 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered:

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HARRIS FAULKNER (CO-HOST): Rachel, I want to come to you on this. There were certain things that needed to be said. That was very moving from Loretta Lynch. Did you hear what you wanted to hear? 

RACHEL CAMPOS-DUFFY: No, I didn't. I felt like she was minimizing this. The roots of the Black Lives movement has always been, beginning in Ferguson, violent roots. I mean, the guy as David Webb said who just got up --

DAVID WEBB: Jeff Hood.

CAMPOS-DUFFY: Jeff Hood on behalf. Read his tweets. He is using religious things that sound almost apocalyptic. They're full of rage. This is a way to minimize what's really happening. The only people who can stop this kind of violent movement that is affecting and killing cops, is Loretta Lynch, is Obama, is Hillary who just this week was tweeting and legitimatizing Blacks Lives movement. This is a serious thing, and the only people who can stop it are these leaders, and they're not doing their job. Frankly I thought that was really underwhelming.

FAULKNER: You know, Julie, I want to come to you on this point because in balance there are members in Chicago and other areas around the country from Black Lives Matter who have come out and condemned what happened over night. And have said that this is not what they represent. They represent dignity, so on, and so forth. We saw Hillary Clinton, this time yesterday, I belive it was, “America woke up yet to another tragedy of life cut down too soon. Black lives matter.” She is hashtagging the things that are going on. So, I mean, there is legitimatization as Rachel and David have pointed out at a very high level of this movement, but at the same time the movement says they're not of what we saw overnight. 

JULIE ROGINSKY: And they're not. Look, how many peaceful protests have we seen over the last few days all across the country including this one until this maniac came out and did what he did?


These police officers were protecting a peaceful protest, and they were gunned down for that reason. I was down in Union Sqaure yesterday. You cannot minimize what happened in Dallas by any stretch of the imagination, but no more can you minimize what the Black Lives Matter movement stands for, which is --  


DAVID WEBB: OK I was there when this farce started, this violent farce in Ferguson following the lie about Michael Brown with “hands up, don't shoot.” I was there, Julie, I was there in the beginning of August 2014 and after that. This has roots in violence. And by the way, even the DNC formally invited Black Lives Matter to host a presidential town hall. 

ROGINSKY: What's wrong with that? 

WEBB: All these major candidates have been in bed with a violent basis, and what they do is they minimize the people who are peaceful, who have real issues that we do need to discuss in this country.

CAMPOS-DUFFY: Can I just say that she said we need to come together as Americans, but the Black Lives Matter means it excluded people.


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