Fox News reporter: Unite the Right white nationalists “peacefully exercised” free speech while counter-protesters were “chaotic”

Griff Jenkins: The counter-protest “wasn't just directed at [white nationalist Jason] Kessler, there was a large anti-Trump version, or sentiment in that crowd” 

From the August 13 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom:

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JULIE BANDERAS (GUEST HOST): The Unite the Right organizer bringing the rally to Washington over the weekend. The small group of white nationalists gathering outside the White House, but were quickly outnumbered by antifa counter-protestors. 


And Griff Jenkins was there for the entire thing, he joins us from Washington. Griff, what happened next? 

GRIFF JENKINS (FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT): Julie, at the end of the day the freedom of speech was peacefully exercised by that controversial white nationalist leader on the anniversary of Charlottesville with that other Unite the Right rally. But his event was dwarfed, as you saw, in numbers by the thousands of counter-protestors, including antifa and Black Lives Matter groups. At times it was chaotic and wet. As we stood at the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and 17th Street near the White House, antifa attempted to provoke law enforcement and block [white nationalist Jason] Kessler. At one point antifa firing a Roman candle at the police, as well as throwing rocks, water bottles, eggs and a smoke bomb, all of which we witnessed. But the rain and the remarkable restraint of the D.C. police department largely kept things peaceful with no significant violence, only one arrest -- a far cry from last year, Julie. 


JENKINS: And Julie, you know, one last thought, and that is, it wasn't just directed at Kessler, there was a large anti-Trump version, or sentiment in that crowd and that's why you heard the main theme, chanting by counter-protestors was “no Trump, no KKK, no fascist, U.S.A.”


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