On Fox News, Mark Fuhrman Gets Called Out For His “Negative Perceptions About African-Americans” Right To Protest 

From the September 21 edition of Fox News’ The Kelly File:

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MARK FUHRMAN: Well, Megyn, this is not a protest. This is an unlawful assembly. This is a riot. This is completely out of control They're looting. It is a riot. People are dying. People are being injured. Property is being damaged. There's looting. This is called a riot, Mr. Guster. This is a riot. Not a demonstration. It's unlawful. 

ERIC GUSTER: Terrence Crutcher died. Keith Scott died. Walter Scott in South Carolina died. 

FURHMAN:  It doesn't matter. It's a riot. We are not talking about that. We are talking about this. This is a riot. 

GUSTER: See, part of the problem is people like you --

FURHMAN: People like me.?

GUSTER: Have this negative perception about African-Americans when they have the right to protest. I bet you were one of the ones who did not want Colin Kaepernick to protest about injustices against African-Americans, am I right, Fuhrman? 


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