Fox News makes excuses for Stephon Clark's killing: He “does have a criminal record”

Fox correspondent: It's “premature” to seek criminal charges because of the “multiple investigations underway,” but “for Black Lives Matter, however, the body cam video alone is enough to convict”

From the March 29 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom:

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SANDRA SMITH (CO-HOST): So what's the status of the investigation? 

WILLIAM LA JEUNESSE: Well, activists want criminal charges against the cops. That's premature, but the protests are sending a message and putting pressure on the multiple investigations underway. So one is by the police department to determine if the officers violated their use of force policy. Another by the DA [District Attorney] will look at the shooting as a potential criminal act. The state AG [Attorney General] is overseeing both. You have you a police oversight board. They're doing their own investigation. Then of course you also have the coroner, they have a toxicology report coming up. Also the family has hired their own medical examiner for an independent autopsy. For Black Lives Matter, however, the body cam video alone is enough to convict. 


LA JEUNESSE: Now Clark does have a criminal record, but the family's attorney says that shouldn't matter, because the cops did not know who they were pursuing at the time. But as you said protests are expected today and potentially over the weekend. 


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