On Fox News, Joe Lieberman Says Iran Deal Supporters “Absolutely” May Have Blood On Their Hands

From the September 1 edition of Fox News' Your World with Neil Cavuto:

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CHARLES PAYNE (HOST): But when these things -- and we've seen this a lot, though, in Washington where they hide behind the different procedures, in part because I think a lot of them are actually embarrassed by their positions. But, again, they're walking the party line. This is sort of saying, OK, let the American public know, are you saying to them also that one day you may have blood on your hands and you want the people to see who you are right now?

LIEBERMAN: Well I'm saying to -- absolutely. I'm saying to people, this is one of the most -- I voted for a lot of treaties in my 24 years in the Senate. I don't think any was as consequential to the security of the American people as this agreement with Iran. And anybody who votes for this is going to have to live with the consequences of it for a long time to come. And so are the rest of us. And we're talking about putting a lot of trust in a country called Iran whose current leadership has given us every reason to distrust them. They're still saying “death to America.” How do you make a deal that you can trust with somebody who says they want to kill you?


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