The Fox News Effect: GOP Governor Repeats Myth About Muslim No-Go Zones In England


Days after Fox News apologized for promoting an embarrassing falsehood about England having “no-go zones” controlled by Muslim extremists, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (R) repeated the myth during a speech and on CNN.

Last week, frequent Fox guest Steve Emerson -- part of the network's stable of extremists who lead its conversation about Islam -- provoked international outrage with the false claim that the city of Birmingham is “totally Muslim” and a place “where non-Muslims just simply don't go in.” (British Prime Minister David Cameron described Emerson as a “complete idiot,” for example.)

As the Emerson controversy raged on, another Fox News guest argued that governments should “put razor wire around” the mythical “no-go zones” and catalogue the residents. On Saturday, Fox News host Jeanine Pirro apologized for Emerson's “incorrect” comments, telling viewers, “We deeply regret these errors and apologize to the people of Birmingham, our viewers and all who have been offended.”

Despite Fox's retraction, the myth of no-go zones apparently lives on. During a speech in London, Gov. Jindal reportedly alleged that some immigrants are seeking “to colonize western countries, because setting up your own enclave and demanding recognition of a no-go zone are exactly that.”

Appearing in an interview from London, Jindal also told CNN correspondent Max Foster that he's heard “from folks here” that “there are neighborhoods where women don't feel comfortable going in without veils” and “where police are less likely to go.”

Foster challenged Jindal's assertion, noting that “I've lived here a long time, I don't know of any no-go zones for non-Muslims.” In response, Jindal said “the radical left absolutely wants to pretend like this problem's not here.”

Appearing on The Bill Press Show, Media Matters senior fellow Karen Finney discussed how Jindal was still repeating the falsehood.

Jindal's repetition of a Fox-fueled myth is representative of the role the network plays in misinforming conservatives. Falsehoods about death panels in health care reform, weapons of mass destruction, economics, and leaders like President Barack Obama, Secretary John Kerry and Secretary Hillary Clinton have all been grist for the mill on Fox and have become a part of conservative folklore.